Foyle's War: Series Creator Was Ready for UK Cancellation

The Foyle's War TV show on ITV was cancelled after eight seasons, because of rising production costs. Creator Anthony Horowitz tells Digital Spy he was ready for the British detective drama series to end. In the Us, some seasons of Foyle's War aired on PBS. The complete Foyle's War TV series is available for streaming on Acorn.TV (but Acorn's series numbering is confusing).

Foyle's War is set during and after World War II, with the eighth and final season set in 1947. Michael Kitchen stars as detective Christopher Foyle. The Doyle's War TV series cast also includes: Honeysuckle Weeks, Ellie Haddington, Tim McMullan, Daniel Weyman, Jeremy Swift, Rupert Vansittart, and Hermione Gulliford.

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Inspector Morse 30th anniversary: the top 10 episodes

Gem Wheeler Jan 10, 2017

To mark 30 years of Inspector Morse on television, here are 10 of his most complex, macabre and memorable cases...

Warning: contains spoilers.

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Beer, Wagner, a red Jaguar, and Barrington Pheloung’s haunting theme. Those images conjure up one of the most memorable characters in British television. Inspector Morse’s final episode aired in the UK over fifteen years ago, yet the impression left by the hugely popular drama remains indelible. Its popular spinoff, Lewis, finished only two years ago after nine successful series, while a prequel, Endeavour, has just started to air its fourth run. The appeal of Morse and his Oxford is clearly as strong as ever.

Inspector Morse
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Poirot and Foyle in Emmy Contention

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K Kinsella

Poirot and Foyle’s War could be in the running for Emmy’s this year having been submitted for consideration as nominees in 13 categories including Outstanding TV Movie. Despite critical acclaim over the years, neither series has previously been nominated. Leading men David Suchet and Michael Kitchen have been put foward for consideration as well as supporting actors Honeysuckle Weeks and Hugh Fraser. Foyle’s creator Anthony Horowitz also receives a long overdue nod.

After 25 years on the air, the curtain finally came down on Belgian’s favorite son last August when Acorn TV gave a debut to Agatha Christie’s Poirot: Curtain, Poirot’s Last Case. Foyle’s almost decade long saga reached its conclusion when Acorn TV debuted Foyle’s War: Elise, The Final Mystery. Acorn’s parent company Rlj Entertainment owns the rights to Foyle’s war and a majority stake in Agatha Christie Ltd.
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Anthony Horowitz webchat – post your questions now

The writer was online to answer questions about James Bond, Sherlock Holmes, Foyle’s War and whether he is ever mistaken for David Walliams (he’s not)

2.06pm GMT

And finally, philipphilip99 asks:

Have you ever given up on a novel? If so, why?

Great last question. Generally I don't start a book until I know everything about it, including the fact that it's probably worth writing. Frankly, life's too short to write ten or twenty thousand words and then throw them away. I'm currently writing a new novel, Magpie Murders, and I'm 90,000 words in. In fact, I'm off now to write the next chapter (my biggest fear being that I'll be run over by a bus on the way home).

Can I thank everyone for these great questions - it's been a real pleasure doing this with the Guardian. And thanks also to the fastest typist on the planet
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Conflicts in the work of screenwriter Nigel Kneale




From Quatermass to The Year Of The Sex Olympics, the voice of classic British screenwriter Nigel Kneale is still resonant and exciting...

Conflict drives drama. What people want and how they set out to get it makes for the best entertainment: Chief Brody wants to make Amity Island a safe place for his kids; Indiana Jones wants to find the Ark of the Covenant; Mark Watney wants to survive on Mars, A giant shark, a bunch of Nazis, and a planet without an atmosphere respectively stand in their way.

But conflict isn't only a device from which to hang big action sequences. The tension between ideas can make for brilliant drama - the kind of film and television that you think about for years afterwards - and one of the best screenwriters for this conflict of ideas was Nigel Kneale.

Kneale was born in 1922 in Barrow-in-Furness and,
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Life of Rock with Brian Pern moving back to BBC Four for third series

Simon Day's musical comedy creation Life of Rock with Brian Pern is moving back home to BBC Four.

Paul Whitehouse's Pat Quid, Nigel Havers' Tony Pebblé and Michael Kitchen's John Farrow are all confirmed to return for the third series, which will celebrate 45 years of Brian Pern's musical career, Radio Times reports.

The character – who supposedly invented world music and made the first Plasticine pop video ever – arrived on our screens as a founder of fictional prog rock band Thotch last year.

Pern, played by Day, said he was "delighted" that the show is coming back, saying it will "remind people how I shaped rock music over the last 45 years".

The show's writer and creator Rhys Thomas said: "I am thrilled that Brian Pern is returning to BBC Four, though it has been hard to celebrate since receiving numerous death threats from certain members of Genesis
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Oscar-Nominated Actor Biggest Professional Regret: Turning Down 'Doctor Who'

Ron Moody in Mel Brooks' 'The Twelve Chairs.' The 'Doctor Who' that never was. Ron Moody: 'Doctor Who' was biggest professional regret (See previous post: "Ron Moody: From Charles Dickens to Walt Disney – But No Harry Potter.") Ron Moody was featured in about 50 television productions, both in the U.K. and the U.S., from the late 1950s to 2012. These included guest roles in the series The Avengers, Gunsmoke, Starsky and Hutch, Hart to Hart, and Murder She Wrote, in addition to leads in the short-lived U.S. sitcom Nobody's Perfect (1980), starring Moody as a Scotland Yard detective transferred to the San Francisco Police Department, and in the British fantasy Into the Labyrinth (1981), with Moody as the noble sorcerer Rothgo. Throughout the decades, he could also be spotted in several TV movies, among them:[1] David Copperfield (1969). As Uriah Heep in this disappointing all-star showcase distributed theatrically in some countries.
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Honeysuckle Weeks on spending 'third of my lifetime' in 'Foyle's War' (Exclusive Video)'

Honeysuckle Weeks on spending 'third of my lifetime' in 'Foyle's War' (Exclusive Video)'
Honeysuckle Weeks has played the part of Samantha Stewart (Wainwright), trusty aide to a detective, in Anthony Horowitz's period drama "Foyle's War" since 2002. As she says in our webcam chat (watch below), "it's a third of my lifetime, a part of my life when I have had the most changes happen, marriage, children, illness, the usual slings and arrows that life besets you with."  -Break- The first six seasons were set in a seaside town during WWII and followed a police detective (Michael Kitchen) and his assistant as they solved crimes. The final two took the pair to post-war London where they become ensnared in the mysterious world of espionage. Foyle made an unlikely spy and spent as much time navigating the labyrinth that is Mi-5 as he did righting wrongs. And while Sam found herself a fellow, rising politican Adam Wainwright, and got hitched, she continued to keep her hand in the game.
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News Nuggets: 'Foyle's War' deserves as much Emmy attention as 'Sherlock''

News Nuggets: 'Foyle's War' deserves as much Emmy attention as 'Sherlock''
Mary McNamara makes the case that "Foyle's War" deserves as much Emmy attention as "Sherlock" has been receiving lately. That BBC set of telefilms was able to snag awards for lead actor Benedict Cumberbatch and supporting actor Martin Freeman at last year's ceremony. She calls "Foyle's War" the "Mona Lisa of television: small, quiet, utterly hypnotic and mysteriously perfect." Now streaming on Acorn TV, the British production is finally eligible at the Emmys for the first time in its long run. The final installment "Elise" stars Michael Kitchen and Honeysuckle Weeks. L.A. Times -Break- Who are the most powerful women in the world? Most of the ladies on the 2015 list are political figures (like German Chancellor Angela Merkel and former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton), but there are also quite a few entertainers. Those top names are Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Angelina Jolie, Shakira, Ellen DeGen.
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Hey Australia! Win 1 Of 5 Copies of Foyle's War Series 9 DVD!

To celebrate the release of Series 9 of the fantastic British crime thriller / drama Foyle's War on DVD, we have 5 copies to giveaway to our Australian readers. Michael Kitchen returns to the screen for a final time as Detective Chief Superintendent Foyle, a man of scrupulous integrity who continues to be immersed in the dangerous world of espionage.  Having survived the First World War and solved crime in Hastings during the Second, Foyle works as Senior Intelligence Officer for the secret service MI5 to keep England safe and bring justice to those who deserve it.Honeysuckle Weeks also returns to her role as Samantha Stewart, Foyle's trusted associate and ally who successfully navigates the shadowy world of intelligence and dedicatedly assists her former boss as...

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Terence Rattigan On Film: The Browning Version

I. The Rattigan Version

After his first dramatic success, The Winslow Boy, Terence Rattigan conceived a double bill of one-act plays in 1946. Producers dismissed the project, even Rattigan’s collaborator Hugh “Binkie” Beaumont. Actor John Gielgud agreed. “They’ve seen me in so much first rate stuff,” Gielgud asked Rattigan; “Do you really think they will like me in anything second rate?” Rattigan insisted he wasn’t “content writing a play to please an audience today, but to write a play that will be remembered in fifty years’ time.”

Ultimately, Rattigan paired a brooding character study, The Browning Version, with a light farce, Harlequinade. Entitled Playbill, the show was finally produced by Stephen Mitchell in September 1948, starring Eric Portman, and became a runaway hit. While Harlequinade faded into a footnote, the first half proved an instant classic. Harold Hobson wrote that “Mr. Portman’s playing and Mr. Rattigan’s writing
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Foyle’s War Final Series on Acorn TV Now

The lights go out for Foyle’s War shortly ending the 13-year run of one of Britain’s most popular television mystery series. The show about a Dcs Christopher Foyle investigating murders in the south of England during World War 11 is apparently running out of gas now that the war’s over.Foyle joins MI5 and transfers to London, but post-war isn’t cutting it for the creators. Michael Kitchen, who plays Foyle, and the show’s creator Anthony Horowitz director say they’ve run out of ideas, an inglorious ending to what has been a crowing jewel in British television. The good news is that […]
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Foyle’s War Final Season: Honeysuckle Weeks Interview

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Honeysuckle Weeks and Michael Kitchen in Foyle’s War. Acorn Media Rlj Entertainment

For over a decade, British TV fans have been captivated by the investigative work of Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle (Michael Kitchen) and his able assistant Sam (Honeysuckle Weeks). Sadly, February 2 marks the beginning of the end for the wildly popular show as Acorn TV premieres the final season of Foyle’s War. With ratings as strong as ever, creator Anthony Horowitz has the luxury of deciding it’s time to end the show. Following in the footsteps of classics such as Fawlty Towers, and Morse, Foyle’s War is going out at the top. Ahead of the final season I had the opportunity to speak with fan favorite Honeysuckle Weeks about her time on Foyle’s War and her thoughts on the finale.

What were your first impressions of Foyle’s War when you landed the role?
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ITV's Foyle's War to end after current series

ITV has announced that Foyle's War will end after its current series.

The long-running period drama starring Michael Kitchen will air its final episode on Sunday (January 18) at 8pm.

The final episode 'Elise' will see Christopher Foyle (Kitchen) solving his final ever case in the two-hour special. It will feature Foyle looking into Hilda Pierce's (Ellie Haddington) secret role during the war, following an assassination attempt on her life.

Writer and creator Anthony Horowitz said: "It feels a terrible wrench to say goodbye to characters I've lived with for more than 15 years. But the truth is that I'm not sure there are any more stories to tell and anyway it was always my intention to end on a high note and I think this year's episodes are the very best we've done.

"I'm proud of what we've achieved with Foyle's War and I'm very grateful to the audience that has
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What to Watch: Tonight's TV Picks - Foyle's War, Last Tango in Halifax

Still Open All Hours: BBC One, 7.30pm

David Jason reprises his role of Granville in this follow-up to the classic sitcom.

Tonight, Granville reveals his big ambition to open his own coffee shop, causing quite a stir in the neighbourhood.

Foyle's War: ITV, 8pm

Michael Kitchen is back as Christopher Foyle in this eighth series of adventures from writer Anthony Horowitz.

Part two of three - when the son of a high-profile Jewish businessman is attacked in the grounds of a university, Foyle must consider whether the attack was racially motivated.

Last Tango in Halifax: BBC One, 9pm

The latest series of Happy Valley writer Sally Wainright's BAFTA-winning drama continues.

Celia (Anne Reid) is determined not to attend the wedding and remains at home, brooding, while Caroline (Sarah Lancashire) refuses to let her mum's selfish behaviour ruin her big day.

Celebrity Big Brother: Channel 5, 9pm

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20 TV Shows to Watch While You Wait for 'Sherlock' to Return

  • Moviefone
"Sherlock" may not return for its fourth season until -- say it ain't so -- 2017, due to the hectic film schedules of in-demand stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. In the meantime, you can rewatch all three seasons and soon you can binge on Cumberbatch in "The Imitation Game" and Freeman in "The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies." But what then?

If you're craving more veddy British crime solving, you don't have far to look. Here are some of the best series the BBC (and ITV) has to offer, with private detectives, psychiatrists, cops, spies, and forensic pathologists all cracking cases, catching criminals and drinking lots of tea.

1. "Sherlock Holmes" (1984-1994)

If it's more Sherlock you crave (and not just Mr. Cumberbatch), then you must see Jeremy Brett's intensely intellectual (and equally arrogant) period-appropriate take on the legendary detective. This Watson is also solid, especially in "The House of the Baskervilles.
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Foyle’s War: The Home Front Files, Sets 1 – 6 (22 Discs)

Guest column by Alice MaltinAlways late to the ball, I’ve just completed watching Foyle’s War (sets 1–6). Given the state of the economy, this is a great way to travel to the U.K., for the cost of a DVD set or Acorn TV subscription, while remaining in the comfort of your own home. I first saw Michael Kitchen in a British TV miniseries called The Brontes of Haworth. He played the famous siblings’ brother, Branwell, and you’d have been hard pressed to recognize him. It was 1973 and clearly he had just graduated high school. I did have to look twice.Here, he’s detective chief superintendent Christopher Foyle in the seaside town of Hastings. The series covers the years 1940 to...

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Mackenzie Crook, Rhys Thomas to star in new BBC Four comedies

BBC Four has announced details of four new shows to be broadcast later this year.

Mackenzie Crook will star in the six-part series Detectorists, in which he uses his own experiences as a metal detector enthusiast.

Crook will "tap into the world of the male hobby which is very funny and touching", BBC controller of comedy commissioning Shane Allen said.

The BBC is looking to announce a "big name" star to appear opposite Crook in the series, according to Radio Times.

The pair will "embark on a journey of greed, betrayal, rejection and redemption as they hurtle towards Danbury Metal Detecting Club's greatest ever find".

Meanwhile, Miles Jupp will write and star as cookery writer Damien Trench in In and Out of the Kitchen, a three-part series based on the Radio 4 comedy.

Each episode follows Damien and his partner Anthony (Justin Edwards), their builders Mr Mullaney and Steven, and Damien's "terrifying" agent Ian.
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Foyle’s War Casting News

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Foyle’s War The Eternity Ring

Filming has begun on the ninth season of Foyle’s War. Michael Kitchen returns to play the stoical title character in Anthony Horowitz’s British TV classic. The three new films also feature returning cast members such as Honeysuckle Weeks, Ellie Haddington and Daniel Weyman. Big name guest stars include John Mahoney (Frasier, Hot In Cleveland), Richard Lintern (Silent Witness), Nigel Lindsay (Four Lions), Jaime Winstone (Mad Dogs) and William Postlethwaite (Midsomer Murders). As with season eight, the new series centers around events at the outset of the Cold War. These include the creation of the state of Israel and the hunt for those who allied themselves with the Nazis. Foyle’s War season nine will air in both the UK and USA in early 2015.

N Conrad

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Frasier star John Mahoney, Jaime Winstone for Foyle's War guest roles

Frasier star John Mahoney and Jaime Winstone are to appear in the new series of Foyle's War.

Michael Kitchen will reprise the title role of Christopher Foyle in three new two-hour films, set to air on ITV in 2015.

Richard Lintern (Silent Witness), Nigel Lindsay (Four Lions) and William Postlethwaite (The Suspicions of Mr Whicher) will also appear in the new episodes from writer Anthony Horowitz.

Inspired by real events in the early Cold War, the new series will see Foyle (Kitchen) immersed in the dangerous world of espionage in his role as a Senior Intelligence Officer for MI5.

"We are delighted to see the return of Foyle's War to ITV," said ITV's Head of Drama Series, Jane Hudson. "Anthony Horowitz has written three outstanding episodes and the audience are in for a real treat."

The new series of Foyle's War will shoot in Liverpool, doubling for post-war London, until April.
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