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MPAA Rated R for disturbing violent images, language, sexual content and some drug use

Sex & Nudity

  • Less intense or graphic as Saving Private Ryan. It is a psychological war drama.
  • Original:
  • A nude man runs through an army camp and we see his bare buttocks.
  • Bare breasts are briefly shown on a poster. Movies like Alien and Die Hard have moments like this; hard to see, only on the screen in the background for maybe three seconds.
  • There are several posters of nude women wearing bikinis and exposing bare breasts. Easy to miss.
  • There are some sexual references among the soldiers.
  • Three Playboy Bunnies entertain a group of soldiers and they dance suggestively in tiny costumes which expose cleavage. Not very long and not graphic.
  • A couple more mild suggestive scenes.
  • Redux: Lasting a min or few- Two men remove the tops off two women and we see their bare breasts: both couples begin kissing and touching each other passionately.
  • More references

Violence & Gore

  • A soldier's leg is blown off.
  • Civilians and soldiers alike are brutally gunned down and killed.
  • Some intense war violence throughout. The level of war violence and its effects on people is intense. Accurately depicts wartime.
  • Soldiers kill civilians.
  • A real water buffalo is shown being slaughtered.
  • A man is beheaded. It's all off-screen, but we briefly see his head after it is removed.
  • Contains several very intense battle sequences.


  • N*gga is used by black soldiers
  • F**k is used quite frequently, but the violence and psychological situation the soldiers were in sort of justifies the usage. S**t is used a few time, as well as uses of words referring to the male genitals, a-words, and uses of G*dd***/G*dd***it, and other less swear words.
  • Jim Morison's singing "This is the End" has the F- Word a few times

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A soldier uses LSD and some of his visual hallucinations are shown. Marijuana is smoked. Cigarettes are smoked consistently throughout the movie. Alcohol is used both abusively and socially throughout the movie.
  • Early in the movie, a soldier is seen drinking himself to limit while waiting for his assignment.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • If your high schooler has read Heart of Darkness (which this movie is based on), they are most definitely ready for this movie. HoD is just as intense as this movie, and while there is violence and swearing, it goes to show that the US army wasn't quite so heroic as it's made out to be. 14-15+
  • The entire film has a very psychological feel to it, as it deals with men who deal with stress over the disturbing vision of war.
  • The combat scenes may be intense to some, and the water buffalo being slaughtered is disturbing, especially for those people sensitive to animal abuse.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The final killing scene is very intense, as we see a real buffalo's head being cut off, as the main character kills another man with a machete.

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