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La casa de papel (2017– )
Overhyped and
8 March 2018
The series seem to start with a good promise and a thrilling tempo but it never fully develops into something meaningful. The main storyline almost halts solely relying on the tension. The subplots are boring, unrealistic, unoriginal and slows the pace even more. It just swings from an unbelievable and unnecessary topic to another.

It obviously tries to extend the airing time with lots of filler moments and sadly filler episodes.

This is only good for those who are willing to buy the far fetched plot in exchange for nonsense thrills.

This show has very few surprise elements and it revolves around the same topics.

Just like the heist story , the TV show goes from awesome to disaster quickly.
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An Unnecessary Exploitation
6 March 2018
The whole movie is an unendurable combination of cliches that don't add up or become interesting at any point. The discretely repeated attempts at delivering overused social messages makes it even worse. Even those messages are shallow in content, irrelevant to the movie and extremely unoriginal just as the story itself. I hoped during the movie that it would get better at some point but it went just worse. For those who are aware of these issues this is just a pretentious attempt and for the rest they don't care or won't get that message from a movie like this one.

I witnessed one of the worst movies of all times. You can't blame a movie for receiving an award but this clearly shows the demise of the movie industry as such movies can be produced and nominated and awarded just because of the exploitation of the social issues, and juries getting revenge and amplify the message with their own means. Engineering the marketing of overrated films became the norm.

Oscar winning motion pictures often became classics now they are not even worth a second view. This one doesn't even deserve to be watched.
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Melancholia (2011)
Goods and Bads
25 December 2017
Von Trier mostly tackles issues related to the human condition and social norms rather than telling a straight forward story. He is more insightful and brave than most mainstream directors. Philosophical topics in the movie can be discussed in a much more thorough review.

This movie is very beautifully shot and Kirsten Dunst it outstanding. The purpose and some of the intents in the movie are well planned and deliberate. Yet they are not on the form of slaps to the audience's face. This makes the movie a better experience whereas the pretentiousness, benignity or meaninglessness of a person or a social act is put on display. Still the movie does not insult these acts or label these acts neither moral nor immoral.

People with conservative worldviews or moral values might find some parts repulsive. While more liberal audience can empathize. Thus makes the movie even more appealing. It is the type of the movie where everyone can find something to discuss on their terms of perception of the world.

Also there are scenes that are referencing literature and artwork which are in my opinion are more like bonuses rather than adding the narrative.

The problems with the movie in my opinion is the unnecessary anticlimactic parts that ruin the pace maybe deliberately but not for the positive. The depression aspect may have been reflected differently. It feels some parts are disconnected and may it be the filmmakers intent this creates boredom rather than the expression of depression or anxiety.

The film demands quite a lot from the audience and the pauses might be for the purpose of giving time to the audience. But some references are only apparent to an informed audience. In my opinion biblical references could either have been left out or expressed more understandably.

Some of the vagueness in the movie also makes me question the courage of the director. It is as if some points were not expressed as strongly as it could have been.

To briefly summarize this movie is about depression and anxiety but may it be because of a very a specific case or that I couldn't empathize completely due to the blanks in the narrative.

Some people resemble the movie to a symphony and I agree with the analogy. It is like a partly beautiful but not completely satisfying symphony.
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Madeo (2009)
Inconsistent, Slow and Disconnected
6 July 2017
The plot is very simple and not original. Lead actress does a good job but the movie is all about that and a few eye pleasing scenes. Rest is boredom with longer than necessary scenes. Nothing is developed and minor things float around all through the movie.

Despite building any tension or helping the movie at all some scenes are much longer than necessary. Many parts are fruitless with story being never close to neither reality nor absurd.

The pace never increases and the ending doesn't do enough to save it.
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Unrest (I) (2006)
Tense all along
12 May 2007
I really can't decide what my vote should be for this movie.

It was really tense all along the movie. No matter if they used real bodies or not. It gets my 10 for that.

But the main plot is somewhat nonsense or weak. What is happening, why is it happening, who is doing it, why doesn't this happen when something similar can happen and etc. You get some answers to those but they aren't developed well and remain thin at the end of the movie. It gets a 5 for this.

Overall I think even if it was a documentary, it would be spooky just for the effects, music and the sense of dealing with the dead.

It was more like a movie of atmosphere more than scenario.
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M For Magnificent
1 April 2006
There aren't many movies that make you enjoy every single second you watch.

V For Vendetta is a movie full of emotion and it is a true classic from the first second to the end.

Story telling is so great that you don't even realize how many stories are told before you start thinking about them.

It shows how vulnerable people are against politics, how mixed up are their minds, how they can't find the truth, how they fail to or not to take the necessary actions and how dedicated the character is to its cause.

Think if those aren't valid for us!

This is truly drama at its best.
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